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Distributed, free, open social platforms like Mastodon are really cool, don't you think?

Is this instance for me?

Yes, if you'd like it to be.

My resources are limited, so I've deliberately chosen not to advertise this instance prominently. However, sign ups are open to anybody who finds this place, so please feel free.

I'm approaching Mastodon with goodwill and curiosity, and ask that you do the same. Treat your fellow users in a way which is civilised, humane and fair.

About this instance

This instance is running on a small VPS hosted by OVH in France. Tinkering is my hobby and I've spun this instance up to see what Mastodon is like. I will continue to operate it indefinitely.

About me

I'm @josh and you can email me using my first name at jlbs.me.uk.

I work at the University of Exeter, UK, and play with projects like this in my spare time.