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Life hack: go through the syllabi of courses you passed, and look at what the expected learning outcomes were

You passed the course, you know that stuff. The official documentation says you do. Own it and use it :3

I just heard somebody set off a firework. It's broad daylight!

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Apparently custom scrollbars are super important to some folks:

It's like I see people talking about the latest launcher, and I don't even care. Nothing is as quick or simple. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I started seriously using KISS Launcher, and all of a sudden, no other Android launcher compares.

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And now to watch iPlayer and put off going to sleep for a few more hours. Hurrah!

An thoughtful and well-written piece about the recent wanton and furious cycling trial, which brings some much needed perspective to the debate.

"Motorist would not have landed cyclist's 'wanton and furious driving' charge"

Somebody just tried to argue that the London cable car was needed because transport in the area is so bad. The Jubilee line already follows exactly the same route.

I think I found my new obssession.

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Sajid Javid is, rightfully, getting an incredibly tough interview on Radio 4 this morning.

Tonight's exit poll is fascinating. Sounds like I aint gettin' much sleep tonight.

This festival has gendered their portaloos. Three women's, two men's. I'm just gonna use whichever feels comfortable. The one with the shortest queue, natch. ;)

Baby, your brains are no match for my tractor beam.

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