@rodti Ooooh, intriguing! What do I have to do if I want to plumb myself into some Scottish goodness?

Whoops, I accidentally commented out the line in my crontab that makes @releasebot work, and left it uncommented for while, so you won't have seen toots for v.2.5.1 or v2.5.2.
Sorry - my bad!

@bonzoesc Very readable, thank you! I really enjoyed how something which could have been quite dry and factual has been turned into a suspenseful story.

I took my sweet time, but toot.place is back! Something in the last Ubuntu upgrade broke Ruby. I don't even know...

Thunderbird 60 is awesome! Just really hope that my favourite addon - Nostalgy - can be made compatible.

A very smooth ride, quick acceleration, and very quiet too. Minimalistic, clear automated announcements are very nice - but the system can't seem to give announcements about short platforms/selective door opening; guard had to do these manually. A lot of staff on board, not all of them know the layout of the train.

Some thoughts:
Despite looking looking lighter and smaller than the HSTs they'll replace, they don't feel cramped. In fact, carriages feel light and airy. Lots of legroom too.
Buuuuutttt: the chairs are far, far firmer. They might soften up through use, but they don't feel like they'll ever be as comfortable as on the old trains. The windows feel smaller (not as shorter and narrower) and a lot of chairs line up with the pillars - no window view.

Just boarded one of those shiny new GWR IET trains.

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What're you folk up to this weekend? :D

Ooooh, #2.4.0 is nice!
BRB, going to put a "bot" label on @releasebot

@lain @rye blubposter.fish is available to register ;)

@chrishasaflavor I was after all the whisky and ice cream, hun xxx

Facebook is sharing your personal data with these people, by the way.

Oracle's Data Cloud Privacy policy has a distinct cobbled-together-at-the-last-minute kinda feel about it.

@ada Haha! "went woolly" is an awesome phrase!

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