Just boarded one of those shiny new GWR IET trains.

What're you folk up to this weekend? :D

Oracle's Data Cloud Privacy policy has a distinct cobbled-together-at-the-last-minute kinda feel about it.

Tfw when you spend so much time on the bike you get tan lines. toot.place/media/OVX9_cDlxjZss

An thoughtful and well-written piece about the recent wanton and furious cycling trial, which brings some much needed perspective to the debate.

"Motorist would not have landed cyclist's 'wanton and furious driving' charge"

Somebody just tried to argue that the London cable car was needed because transport in the area is so bad. The Jubilee line already follows exactly the same route. toot.place/media/maDWhguDU6xz_

@mus I wish to join your fascinating host, but upon submitting my form was shown this cryptic thing. Pray, do assist! toot.place/media/ENGAoCUL9hPPU

In last weekend's hotel, the taps pulsed like a heartbeat. Reminds me of that Doctor Who episode where the repair droids patched up a ship with body parts.


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